Just a Taste of our Products & Brands

Denon has built a solid reputation for creating audio-visual products of distinction earning a well-deserved reputation for innovation and superior quality. Denon home theatre receivers and hifi stereo components are well regarded by reviewers and consumers alike.

Since 1968, Jamo has been at the forefront of the acclaimed Danish audio industry, consistently focusing on style, simplicity and functionality when designing its speakers, electronics, control systems and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Operating in more than 80 countries, Jamo also takes pride in how its products seamlessly adapt and integrate into various environments, reflecting the different ways the world listens.

Many manufacturers concentrate on building products faster and cheaper to sell more units. The DaVinci Group was founded by a group of Custom Electronic industry professionals to create a range of quality products that offer excellence in performance. We bring class-leading performance and value to the entire product line because to us, sound quality is THE MOST important element you can add to any project.  

Enjoy music in every room of your house, upstairs and downstairs, inside and out.  Sonos works in up to 32 rooms and stores all your music digitally, with no more having to find your favourite CDs, all your music is easily accessed from a simple to use controller from the palm of your hand.


SONOS - Multiroom Music Made Easy

JAMO - Theatre & Custom Speakers

TDG AUDIO - Custom Speakers